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Robstown Texas

Progress at the Crossroads of South Texas

Robstown, Texas is located in the heart of cotton country and is considered by residents to be the biggest little town
in Texas! Located at the geographic center of Nueces County, Robstown is the crossroads of U.S. Highway 77 (the future I-69) and State Highway 44. Robstown is crisscrossed by the Texas Mexican Railway and the Union Pacific
Railroad. Robstown is nine minutes from Corpus Christi International Airport. Add easy Port of Corpus Christi access to this combination and our motto “Progress at the Crossroad of South Texas” makes perfect sense.

Historically, cotton and vegetable farming have played an important role in Robstown’s economy. The community celebrates this heritage in November at Cottonfest, a family festival. Live music, arts and crafts, sports competitions, cookoffs, contests, carnival, and historical exhibits provide something for everyone. Robstown is also famous for its January Nueces County Junior Livestock Show, the largest of its kind in the state of Texas; the annual Fiesta Mexicana held in March and our Christmas Lighting Festival, held the first week of December.

Robstown’s History linked to King Cotton!
The St. Louis, Brownsville and Mexico Railroad Company was instrumental in the birth of Robstown, Texas. Though granted a charter in 1903, the building of the railroad itself did not put Robstown on the map. It was the vision of developer George H. Paul who recognized the potential of the area to produce large amounts of cotton that started Robstown on her way to development. The townsite was named for Robert Driscoll, Jr. and it was in his father’s pasture that the first stores of rail and ties were gathered. The material yard tracks were laid in September of 1903 and soon were filled with stores of supplies. Though the actual town site of Robstown had been surveyed before Paul showed up in the area, the land company had been unsuccessful at selling even one piece of property. All of this began to change when Paul purchased the 12,000 acre Driscoll Ranch which laid north of the Texas Mexican Railroad. There he began the cotton production that would prove to be the basis of the area’s economy. The area lived up to its potential and by 1912 when the city charter was received, the cotton fields were well established and thousands of workers were recruited to work in the fields.

Additionally Robstown is known as the home of the Mrazek plow, an invention that enabled south Texas to become the agricultural center that it is. Before this invention, tradtional plows easily broke when encountering Mesquite tree roots. The Mrazek plow was specifically engineered to overcome this problem. Although not currently on public display, one goal of the community is to display this wonderful machine and educate visitors on its historical importance. Robstown’s Alpha Museum is open by appointment only, at (361) 877-1724. It is located in the historic Alpha Librarybuilding at 110 N. 4th Street. This building was built in 1936 by the Alpha Literary Society. The Museum hosts over 20,000 photos,  documents, books, artifacts and exhibits on the geography and history of Robstown. These depict the history from Indian c a m p g r o u n d s , through the early railroad expansion, massive agribusiness development, to the building of super highways connecting the world to Robstown. Visitors are invited to learn about the Battle of the Rapido River Crossing, Robstown’s own Superbowl Champions and famous natives including Stout Jackson, Gene Upshaw, Solomon Ortiz, Lefty Barrera, Hilda Tagle and Kathryn Crosby to name a few. The Robstown Area Historical Commission meets on the last Thursday of each month at the Museum.

Robstown also has a rich reputation for baseball talent that attracts national college and professional scouts. Robstown is in close proximity to many tourist attractions including the Violet German Historical Museum, the Hazel Bazemore County Park with its excellent birding trails, the River Hills County Club private golf course, the charming Kingsville downtown boutiques, and all the sites of Corpus Christi.

For more information, contact the Robstown Area Development Commission at (361) 387-3933 (phone) or (361)387-7280 (fax). Write P.O. Box 111, Robstown, TX 78380 or visit us on the 2nd floor of the Wells Fargo Bank Building, 1150 E. Main Street.


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